Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Im back from the Future and boy was it fun! :)

Ya Im lying.I just forgot all about my blog. Anyway,lets try this again in 2011. :)
Ill TRY to keep up dating this page with Fun and Crazy things that i am into.

Starting with something that has been a big part of my life for some time.
My interest in bad movies and and even worse movie VHS Covers. It has been
somewhat of a hobby for 20 years or more. You really wonder if these guys put any
thought into the covers at all. Check the picks bellow and you will see what i mean.

i just love the terrible name on this one.
For Real! Ninja of the MAGNIFICENCE! lol!

Ok this is just straight up confusing,how did the guy pitch the title.
"Ya see we have humans and they turn into beasts!But get this..THEY KILL CANNIBALS!ahhh, you get it!" No sorry my friend i don't get it.

Man oh man i would try to explain all the things wrong with this movie,but ill just say check it out for ya self.Its all over the web and i thank you can watch it for free on youtube.

and the last one.Just one really strange movie,THE PIT!
If you haven't seen it, get it.On VHS if ya can. :)
Well that's it for today.And i will see all you people later!

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